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We are Egg Sure Uganda, reliable distributors of fresh, nutritious and delicious eggs with stores located in Gayaza, 8 miles off Gayaza Road.

We have been in operation since 2019 reaching out the demands of our clients both retailers and wholesalers.

We ensure supply of recommended eggs to our customers at their door steps .

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Our Mission statement is to create a long lasting customer satisfaction through reliable and consistent distribution of delicious, fresh and nutritious eggs.


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To be the best suppliers of nutririous, fresh amd delicious eggs in UGanda and beyond.


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  • Reliable
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Innovative

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We are a flexible and focused company which invests a great deal of time and energy in order to comply with the wishes of our customers.

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Satisfied Customers
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Health Benefits of Eggs
Let’s start with the fact that eggs are high in a range of vitamins and minerals. Just one boiled egg contains: 40% of your daily vitamin D requirements 25% of your daily folate requirements 12% of your daily riboflavin (Vitamin B2) requirements 20% of your daily selenium requirements Eggs also contain vitamins A, E, B5, B12, as well as iron, iodine and phosphorus.
Proteins are the building blocks of life and a single egg contains about 6.3 grams of high-quality protein. The main functions of proteins in the body are to build, strengthen and repair or replace things, such as tissue. Eggs provide us with very high-quality protein that contains all nine essential amino acids in the right amounts needed by the body for optimum growth and maintenance. Some other foods contain proportionately more protein than eggs but it’s the quality of the protein in eggs that really stands out.
Eggs help increase levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or “good” cholesterol as it’s commonly known. Higher levels of HDL can help reduce the risk of heart disease. It's low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or "bad" cholesterol, that can put heart health at risk. Meals high in saturated fats and trans-fats such as deep-fried takeaway foods will increase levels of LDL cholesterol.
Omega-3s are short for omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. They're a family of "essential fats" that play an important role in the way our cell membranes work. Oily fish is one of the best known sources and eggs contain similar types of omega-3s as those found in fish. This makes eggs particularly useful for people who avoid or can’t eat fish. Omega-3 fats are good for many things, from heart and brain health to protecting our eyes.
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We have possibility of using high standards with regard to food safety because of using high-quality technologies, an automated operating system and a modern quality control system.

Egg Products

We are a flexible and focused company that invests a great deal of time and energy in order to comply with the wishes of our customers. The final composition of our products is adjusted to customer needs.


Eggs are transported from poultry farms to Egg Sure in our own lorries. In addition, egg products are transported to customers throughout the country in cooled lorries and/or tankers.

Quality Eggs

In the market place, we are the leading producer of high-quality, clean, fresh and nutritious eggs. We are renowned for production of high quality eggs. We are passionate about our end product.

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Partners who share their knowledge and experience in Egg Production